Awards and Exhibitions


2020 – Weston Art Guild’s Fifty Shades of Grey Plus One Juried Exhibit – Bailey Hall at Broward College – Honorable Mention for “Let Me Take You There”

2019 – Broward Art Guild’s Abstractions Juried Exhibit – Honorable Mention for “Hatchling”.

2019 – Broward Art Guild’s 69th Anniversary Members Juried Exhibition – Judge’s Recognition for “Rainforest Vines”.


2020 – Broward Art Guild’s Art Around Town at Broward/South Regional College Library


2020Broward Art Guild’s 70th Anniversary Virtual Members Exhibit – “Birds of Paradise”, “Let Me Take You There”, “Bubblegum”.

2020/21 – Weston Art Guild’s virtual Covid Creations Exhibit – “Birds of Paradise”.

2020 – Broward Art Guild’s Gallery Small Works Exhibit – “Circle of Warmth” and “Skittles”.

2020 – Weston Art Guild’s 11th Annual Juried Exhibit – Weston Branch Library – “She Said” and “Hatchling”.

2019/20 – Bailey Hall at Broward College – Weston Art Guild’s Fifty Shades of Grey Plus One Juried Exhibit – “Let Me Take You There”, “Top Hat”, “Midnight Mirror”, “Triplets”.

2019 – STUDIO 18’s 15th Anual Juried Art Competition –  “Hatchling” and “View from my Bedroom Window”.

2019 – Broward Art Guild’s Gallery – “Hatchling” and “Blue River”.

2019 – Broward Art Guild’s 69th Anniversary Member’s Juried Exhibition – Ft. Lauderdale’s Main Library, Gallery 6 – “Rainforest Vines” and “Peace in the Clouds”.

2019 – Weston Art Guild’s Images of Imagination – Coral Springs Museum of Art – “View Outside My Bedroom Window” & “India Mandala”.

2019 – Weston Art Guild’s 10th Annual Juried Art Show – Weston Branch Library – “View Outside My Bedroom Window” and “Purple Orchid”.

2018 – Weston Art Guild’s Pop Up Gallery – “Funky Mirror”, “Paisley Mirror”, “Peace in the Clouds”, “Layered Mountains”, “Homage to Van Gogh’s Sunflowers” and “Flower Power”.

2018 – Studio 18’s 14th Annual Juried Art Competition – “Liana’s Sunburst” & “Rainforest Vines”.